#Janathon Day 17: Ouchy Arms

Today I went to the gym for PT… Scott wanted me to do an isolation session, so arms it was. I spent an hour pushing, lifting, pulling and swinging heavy objects about until my arms and shoulders screamed. Somehow I managed to drive home and get ready to lead the beginner runners at Trentham RC. They’re on ‘couch to 5k’ and to be fair, they’re smashing it. Second week in and we’re running almost all the way – they’ll be all over the 5k in no time at all and pushing on to greater distances. Although tonight it was a relatively slow and short run for me, my aching arms let me know about it… I dread to think what tomorrow will bring – I have a feeling that ouchy arms are here to stay.

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#Janathon Day 16: Soggy Stafford

Its been a soggy day in Stafford… there has been a constant drizzle didn’t really fall, but hung heavy in the air. The town lies low and is surrounded by marshes which flood every year… The river Sow was swollen and throughout the course of the day the waters rose, so much so that one of the main car parks in the town began to fill up. Colleagues had to leave early to rescue their cars from the raising waters and as darkness fell, a chill descended. I was time to wrap up and run.

There were six of us for the SCC runners tonight. Keeping away from the river and any potential floods meant hills… we ran away from the town in the direction of  the castle, the spray from the road soaking us through. We soon warmed up and got into our stride as we wound around the Western Downs and through puddled residential streets for a steady but highly enjoyable 10k. As we arrived back in town the river had risen some more and it was still raining – It looks like Stafford will be pretty soggy for a few more days yet.

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#Janathon Day 15: Father Son Time

Everything I planned to do today didn’t happen – and it’s no bad thing. The bodywork that is hanging from my car has been there for 2 weeks and will be there next weekend when I come to re-attach it… C’est la vie… I was ready for a rest. And so it was at 7 this morning when I read a text that let me know the morning run was postponed… I could have got up and run solo, but I was cozy and warm and not in the mood, so I stayed put. Besides, the weather was vile. Later in the day, I knew I had to #Janathon. Having done not a lot, besides listen to Jnr on his Xbox, I decided to uproot his now, not insignificant frame from his gaming chair and take him swimming.

We had an hour of much needed father-son time in the pool… I did a few token lengths, but spent most of the hour or so having ‘holding breath’ competitions, underwater wrestling, doing handstands, playing sharks, hilariously freaking out the lifeguard by lying lifeless on the bottom of the deep end, bombing the old ladies (politely, of course) and chatting to the young ladies in black Speedo swimsuits… It was a lot of fun. Who says Janathon has to be hard work?

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#Jananthon Day 14: Saturday Happy

It’s been a good day today. After a lie in and slow breakfast of peanut butter and tomato on toast (don’t ask) and a Nespresso, we headed up to town to enter the Potters ‘Arf Marathon – early bird entries for Stoke’s premier and most glamorous (?) running event opened today. It is also taking place one week before IRONMAN so should be a nice little leg-loosener for me by that stage. We saw loads of our club mates up there taking advantage of the generous discount, The Green Army always puts on a good show at Potts.

We then headed off to the local super-food bar, RAWR, in Hanley for some lunch. Their bulletproof coffee is to die for and my sandwich of hummus, avocado, sweet chili jam and baby leaves was superb (see pic below)… Even the Pizza-crazed lad yummed up his smokey beans on sourdough toast with gusto, which is a good sign.


After a spot of shopping and my picking up a couple of records (Arcadia and Paul Simon – joy!) I went for my #Janathon run. On top of the world for a quick 4 miles (Strava) I sailed along, head to wind, not giving it much effort and thoroughly enjoying myself. I am now sipping on a real ale having scrummed down home made cottage pie and now Red Dwarf is on the telly.

Do running days get any better than this? Happy Saturday peeps 🙂

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#Janathon Day 13: Friday 13th

Freak out, it’s Friday the 13th! To be honest, it’s been like any other Friday… apart from the snow, the interesting commute (almost hit a guy on a good £2K worth of road bike on the dual carriageway in the snow, in the dark, with no lights!), faulty iPhone’s, office drama and the turbo training… The turbo training was deffo the best part of the day. I put on youtube and settled into a half hour of pedaling and random video’s about health… I learnt how the food companies calculate their % fat label’s and was horrified. I am now wise to their tricks… look up ‘fat content by weight’ compared to ‘calories from fat’ and be prepared to be appalled. Is it time for bed yet?

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#Janathon Day 12: Gym

Today I #Janathonned in the Gym – PT with Scott… I was ready for it after a slow day at work. All day driving a desk does no man any good… I have a great job, but there’s not much opportunity to move about and sometimes, despite the best will in the world, it does drag! I arrived in the middle of a snow flurry and immediately hit the treadmill to warm up for a few mins while Scott set up. Then to the workout… Kettlebells, weights, heavy bags, sit ups, planks, twists, clean and press, squats… sets of exercises I lost count of that made my legs wobble and vision go blurry… It lasted over an hour and my arms ache now, so lord knows what tomorrow will bring. Resistance training really is a case of no pain, no gain. That hurt, but I loved it.

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#Janathon Day 11: Swim

Another quick one… It’s always busy during the week… I finished work today and headed up to the gym near home for a swim. it was crowded and I was tired, so I only managed a paltry 600m or so. Back in the car I heard that no brains, fat asshole fu**nuckle Trump protesting his innocence on the radio – does anyone else thing he protests too much? Anyway, off to fat club in a bit to see if my post Christmas focus has yielded any results… #nervous

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