#Jananthon Day 14: Saturday Happy

It’s been a good day today. After a lie in and slow breakfast of peanut butter and tomato on toast (don’t ask) and a Nespresso, we headed up to town to enter the Potters ‘Arf Marathon – early bird entries for Stoke’s premier and most glamorous (?) running event opened today. It is also taking place one week before IRONMAN so should be a nice little leg-loosener for me by that stage. We saw loads of our club mates up there taking advantage of the generous discount, The Green Army always puts on a good show at Potts.

We then headed off to the local super-food bar, RAWR, in Hanley for some lunch. Their bulletproof coffee is to die for and my sandwich of hummus, avocado, sweet chili jam and baby leaves was superb (see pic below)… Even the Pizza-crazed lad yummed up his smokey beans on sourdough toast with gusto, which is a good sign.


After a spot of shopping and my picking up a couple of records (Arcadia and Paul Simon – joy!) I went for my #Janathon run. On top of the world for a quick 4 miles (Strava) I sailed along, head to wind, not giving it much effort and thoroughly enjoying myself. I am now sipping on a real ale having scrummed down home made cottage pie and now Red Dwarf is on the telly.

Do running days get any better than this? Happy Saturday peeps 🙂


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