#Janathon Day 15: Father Son Time

Everything I planned to do today didn’t happen – and it’s no bad thing. The bodywork that is hanging from my car has been there for 2 weeks and will be there next weekend when I come to re-attach it… C’est la vie… I was ready for a rest. And so it was at 7 this morning when I read a text that let me know the morning run was postponed… I could have got up and run solo, but I was cozy and warm and not in the mood, so I stayed put. Besides, the weather was vile. Later in the day, I knew I had to #Janathon. Having done not a lot, besides listen to Jnr on his Xbox, I decided to uproot his now, not insignificant frame from his gaming chair and take him swimming.

We had an hour of much needed father-son time in the pool… I did a few token lengths, but spent most of the hour or so having ‘holding breath’ competitions, underwater wrestling, doing handstands, playing sharks, hilariously freaking out the lifeguard by lying lifeless on the bottom of the deep end, bombing the old ladies (politely, of course) and chatting to the young ladies in black Speedo swimsuits… It was a lot of fun. Who says Janathon has to be hard work?


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