#Janathon Day 12: Gym

Today I #Janathonned in the Gym – PT with Scott… I was ready for it after a slow day at work. All day driving a desk does no man any good… I have a great job, but there’s not much opportunity to move about and sometimes, despite the best will in the world, it does drag! I arrived in the middle of a snow flurry and immediately hit the treadmill to warm up for a few mins while Scott set up. Then to the workout… Kettlebells, weights, heavy bags, sit ups, planks, twists, clean and press, squats… sets of exercises I lost count of that made my legs wobble and vision go blurry… It lasted over an hour and my arms ache now, so lord knows what tomorrow will bring. Resistance training really is a case of no pain, no gain. That hurt, but I loved it.

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#Janathon Day 11: Swim

Another quick one… It’s always busy during the week… I finished work today and headed up to the gym near home for a swim. it was crowded and I was tired, so I only managed a paltry 600m or so. Back in the car I heard that no brains, fat asshole fu**nuckle Trump protesting his innocence on the radio – does anyone else thing he protests too much? Anyway, off to fat club in a bit to see if my post Christmas focus has yielded any results… #nervous

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#Janathon Day 10: Dash

Up early and dashed off to work, worked hard and dashed home, made the tea and dashed off to running club, lead a group of beginner runners who were brand new to the club (and who all did amazingly well) the dashed to a club committee meeting then dashed home. It’s 10:20 pm and I’m ready for my bed. I just need to blog and shower!

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#Janathon Day 9: Cheaper Than Therapy

Today was a Monday and that means County Council Runners, our friendly little running group at work. We meet at a quarter past five every Monday afternoon and head out for a run around the streets of Stafford. Tonight we had a new addition to the team and she did very well. We cater for all abilities and she lead us to believe she was a beginner, but ran 5 #Janathon miles with us (Strava) without missing a step! She also informed us that she had bumped into our Chief Exec and in the knowledge that he is an ex-military hardcore fitness type, she invited took the liberty of inviting him along too! I have often said that I run because it’s cheaper than therapy and my mug at work says “I run because punching people is frowned upon”… He didn’t join us tonight, but when he does it’s going to be interesting balancing my usual therapeutic rantings with best behavior for the Boss!

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#Janathon Day 8: A Day of Rest?

Sunday – the traditional western day of rest… a day for family, cozy roast dinners and trashy TV. That is, of course, if you’re not a runner, especially not one participating in #Janathon. I was up early again to meet Ems for our regular 10K route… Just after sun-up it was chilly, the air was heavy with fog and the humidity was about 98%. Hence we were pretty soaked after half an mile but we acclimatized quickly and soon started to warm up. There were loads of runners about which was great to see – the first weekend of the new year appears to have the general population on a bit of a health kick. By the end of the run I had a definite spring in my step and was feeling good (Strava).

I followed this up with a trip to Trentham Gardens with the family for a walk in the rain with a coffee. Net up is the ironing for the return to work tomorrow… wish me luck!

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#Janathon Day 7: The Longest Swim

Good news, my arms are working again. After last weeks failed attempt at swimming I was determined to get to the gym today and give it a serious #Janathon effort. My gym happens to be located immediately adjacent to the Bet 365 stadium, home of the mighty Stoke City and there was a match on today. I have no real interest in football, but I knew that traffic would begin to build from about mid-day for the 3pm kick off. I waited until all the fans should have been inside before heading up to the pool.

The pool was busy, but not as busy as the (suspiciously) packed car-park had suggested. The pool was split into three parts: a slow/play area, a fast ‘lane’ and lessons area. I have to rest frequently as my swimming fitness is not up there yet, but when I’m moving I’m reasonably fast, so fast lane it was. At one point there were four of us sharing this lane (which was about twice the width of a regular swimming lane) but we did a good job of accommodating each-other as we chugged up and down.

It was hard work and as I gasped for breath (must get a hang of that breathing technique) I was thinking “how the hell am I going to do this at 7am in a wet-suit in open water for twice the distance?”. IRONMAN will require a 2km swim with no rests in under an hour. I’m concentrating on my upper body with a view to saving my legs for the cycle and run. I swam mainly front crawl, using a pull buoy for some of the time and clocked up my longest swim of my life – ever. A total of 1,125m to be exact (Strava).

I am very pleased, but still feel (quite literally) out of my depth.

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#Janathon Day 6: Turbo is Back!

Remember the days when everything came in red with ‘Turbo’ written on it? Aftershave, sunglasses, computer games, T-shirts,  caps, electric guitars… and Mk 1 Vauxhall Cavaliers with aftermarket stickers on the back… Ahh, the 80’s… Turbocharged cars had hit the mass-market and the word ‘Turbo’ became synonymous with power, excitement, sex and money… Thankfully it didn’t last, and before too long the 90’s took over and everything suddenly became ‘multi-media’ (I bought a wooden shelf once that was ‘multi-media’ compatible because the picture under the cellophane illustrated said shelf holding CDs). The 80s neon, bouffant hair, Gordon Gekko buzz had gone, and now, (like CDs since) turbo’s have become one of those things we use daily but don’t really think about.


The Turbo and the Felt… with a beer keg and empty fruit bowl…

That was the case, until I unwrapped my recent Christmas present from Mrs Trenthamfolk. What she had bought me was a new and very exciting type of turbo – a strange tripod contraption that allows me to ride my road bike indoors. Given I wanted to catch up on some TV, didn’t have anyone to run with today (I’m a social creature really) and the weather was miserable, I decided to #Janathon inside… and what fun I had. Having not ridden my bike for a little while my legs had forgotten what to do and felt battered after about 30 seconds… however I persevered and rode consistently for a whole hour (Strava)… whilst watching a movie, texting my friend periodically and drowning in sweat (heating on full blast you see). The Turbo Trainer is definitely the future. Seems like Turbo is back!

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