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OYNB: A Year of Revelation and Gratitude

Today marks my One Year No Beer anniversary. Quitting was easy. Deciding to quit was hard. Once done, however, it was a breeze. At first, I was uneasy in sobriety. It was my little secret and I kept it quiet, … Continue reading

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Six Months: Times Are Hard For Dreamers

Well, it’s been a little over 6 months since I last had an alcoholic drink, half a year of learning, observation, enlightenment and reflection. I’ve started to look at life from a different angle: a bit like running down a … Continue reading

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90 Days Free: A Beginning

There she blows… 90 days alcohol free. I’m not sure what I was expecting, a rush of euphoria perhaps? But no, aside from a final congratulatory email from Andy and Rauri at OYNB, Sunday morning was much the same as … Continue reading

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OYNB: Christmas Shopping with Eyes Wide Open

It’s a funny time of year… Seasonal madness has well and truly taken hold. The high-streets are crammed with frantic faces attached to stressed bodies dashing about. Agitated lines of men-folk worm their way uneasily toward perfume counters, Pandora stores … Continue reading

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A Moment of Clarity in the Darkness

It’s 4am in the morning. Tuesday I think. I’ve not been able to sleep, which happens occasionally. I usually have no problem. I get up early, battle through my working day, get home, make some excuses and sink a few … Continue reading

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#Janathon Day 17: Ouchy Arms

Today I went to the gym for PT… Scott wanted me to do an isolation session, so arms it was. I spent an hour pushing, lifting, pulling and swinging heavy objects about until my arms and shoulders screamed. Somehow I … Continue reading

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#Janathon Day 16: Soggy Stafford

Its been a soggy day in Stafford… there has been a constant drizzle didn’t really fall, but hung heavy in the air. The town lies low and is surrounded by marshes which flood every year… The river Sow was swollen … Continue reading

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