#Janathon Day 16: Soggy Stafford

Its been a soggy day in Stafford… there has been a constant drizzle didn’t really fall, but hung heavy in the air. The town lies low and is surrounded by marshes which flood every year… The river Sow was swollen and throughout the course of the day the waters rose, so much so that one of the main car parks in the town began to fill up. Colleagues had to leave early to rescue their cars from the raising waters and as darkness fell, a chill descended. I was time to wrap up and run.

There were six of us for the SCC runners tonight. Keeping away from the river and any potential floods meant hills… we ran away from the town in the direction of  the castle, the spray from the road soaking us through. We soon warmed up and got into our stride as we wound around the Western Downs and through puddled residential streets for a steady but highly enjoyable 10k. As we arrived back in town the river had risen some more and it was still raining – It looks like Stafford will be pretty soggy for a few more days yet.


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