About Me…

This is me, running through mud…


Running changed my life. I find that if I don’t have at least some of the answers after a 15 mile run, they’re not ready to be found. I also know I’m only ever one run away from a good mood.

Everyone should do it.

As a recreational runner (the only person I compete against is myself), I run with my club (the awesome Trentam Running Club), and as a Leader in Running for Fitness, with a group of newbie runners from my workplace. I also run with various amazing friends (as well as on my own from time to time).

Disclaimer: In case I unwittingly stray into controversy, the thoughts in these pages are mine, and mine alone.


2 Responses to About Me…

  1. Jenny says:

    Janathon?! Is this a regular occurring thing?! So cool that we are trying to do the same!!
    It will be challenging but I think we can both motivate each other through our blog posts!
    Thanks for following us at weshallhavepie!!

    • Trenthamfolk says:

      Hi there! yes, Janathon occurs every year – a big challenge, but great for focussing the mind, even if we break and have to stop (as I did last year). There is also Juneathon: Follow the links in my posts to their website, it’s all for fun! Thanks for the reads and the follow, happy new year 🙂

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