#Janathon Day 7: The Longest Swim

Good news, my arms are working again. After last weeks failed attempt at swimming I was determined to get to the gym today and give it a serious #Janathon effort. My gym happens to be located immediately adjacent to the Bet 365 stadium, home of the mighty Stoke City and there was a match on today. I have no real interest in football, but I knew that traffic would begin to build from about mid-day for the 3pm kick off. I waited until all the fans should have been inside before heading up to the pool.

The pool was busy, but not as busy as the (suspiciously) packed car-park had suggested. The pool was split into three parts: a slow/play area, a fast ‘lane’ and lessons area. I have to rest frequently as my swimming fitness is not up there yet, but when I’m moving I’m reasonably fast, so fast lane it was. At one point there were four of us sharing this lane (which was about twice the width of a regular swimming lane) but we did a good job of accommodating each-other as we chugged up and down.

It was hard work and as I gasped for breath (must get a hang of that breathing technique) I was thinking “how the hell am I going to do this at 7am in a wet-suit in open water for twice the distance?”. IRONMAN will require a 2km swim with no rests in under an hour. I’m concentrating on my upper body with a view to saving my legs for the cycle and run. I swam mainly front crawl, using a pull buoy for some of the time and clocked up my longest swim of my life – ever. A total of 1,125m to be exact (Strava).

I am very pleased, but still feel (quite literally) out of my depth.


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