#Janathon Day 6: Turbo is Back!

Remember the days when everything came in red with ‘Turbo’ written on it? Aftershave, sunglasses, computer games, T-shirts,  caps, electric guitars… and Mk 1 Vauxhall Cavaliers with aftermarket stickers on the back… Ahh, the 80’s… Turbocharged cars had hit the mass-market and the word ‘Turbo’ became synonymous with power, excitement, sex and money… Thankfully it didn’t last, and before too long the 90’s took over and everything suddenly became ‘multi-media’ (I bought a wooden shelf once that was ‘multi-media’ compatible because the picture under the cellophane illustrated said shelf holding CDs). The 80s neon, bouffant hair, Gordon Gekko buzz had gone, and now, (like CDs since) turbo’s have become one of those things we use daily but don’t really think about.


The Turbo and the Felt… with a beer keg and empty fruit bowl…

That was the case, until I unwrapped my recent Christmas present from Mrs Trenthamfolk. What she had bought me was a new and very exciting type of turbo – a strange tripod contraption that allows me to ride my road bike indoors. Given I wanted to catch up on some TV, didn’t have anyone to run with today (I’m a social creature really) and the weather was miserable, I decided to #Janathon inside… and what fun I had. Having not ridden my bike for a little while my legs had forgotten what to do and felt battered after about 30 seconds… however I persevered and rode consistently for a whole hour (Strava)… whilst watching a movie, texting my friend periodically and drowning in sweat (heating on full blast you see). The Turbo Trainer is definitely the future. Seems like Turbo is back!


About Trenthamfolk

Marathon Runner, optimist, joie de vivre… #CKD #Sober
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