#Janathon Day 3: My Arms Don’t Work

This morning I was up bright and early, not to return to work like the rest of the nation, but to go the the gym for my ‘Health MOT’. This is where they measure your height and weight, calculate your BMI and waist to hip ratio, analyse cholesterol, blood pressure, blood glucose and ultimately tell you that you’re overweight. After that crushing blow to my ego, I decided to take a dip in the pool. There were people everywhere, in the hot tubs, in and out of the steam room and sauna, standing about gossiping, but strangely not in the water.

This suited me just fine. I dropped into the deep end, the water a comfortable 29 degrees, and pushed off… only to discover that my arms didn’t work! Strange, they were fine getting dressed, brushing my teeth and driving, but asking them to pull me through the water after last night’s PT session was simply asking too much. I resembled one of those wind-up paddle toys you put in the bath – loads of splashing and not much forward motion – I managed eight lengths before I gave up and joined the rest of the pre-work rabble in the steam room. Intense, soothing and relaxing heat… It was bliss.

I spent far too long in that steam room, so later in the day I hit the road to clock up four more #Janathon miles (Movescount) to add to my pitiful swimming tally. My legs were unsurprisingly, fine, which made me realise that my upper body really is in bad physical condition. The shock of lifting up heavy things and putting them back down again has destroyed me… Strength will come in time but I also need to get the hang of planning my workouts. As Benjamin Franklin once said: “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”.

Food for thought, that.

Janathon 2017 Stats
Total Miles = 13.70
Total KM = 22.05
Total Calories = 2,187
Average KM Day = 7.35

Days Worth Calories = 1.09
IRONMAN Distances = 0.19
10Ks = 2.20


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2 Responses to #Janathon Day 3: My Arms Don’t Work

  1. stokiecat says:

    I reckon if they did a survey of time spent in the gym actually doing gym stuff it would be like the football stat that the ball is only actually in play for 60% of the time.

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