#Janathon Day 2: Mixing It Up

This morning I met up with my running wife, Ems, just after sun-up. Ems has landed a place at the 2017 Virgin London Marathon and is starting her VLM training in much the same way as myself and my IRONMAN prep… Having put the festive season behind us, we are now both experiencing mild to moderate panic, coupled with an unnerving sense of excited anticipation. The reality of our respective training journeys ahead are drawing into focus. We are motivated (if a little bit freaked out) but both know it is time to get moving.

The morning was a chilly minus 2 degrees, the air was dry and still and the ground crunched satisfyingly beneath our feet. We ran a leisurely 10 KM or so (Movescount) along the canal and past the historic Wedgwood house on the hill. It is one of our favourite routes and we chatted about all and nothing as we went. The way was peppered with dog walkers and other runners, the sky was clear and blue and ducks were going crazy skidding about on the icy canal. For me, this is the best kind of run and I was very happy.


Later today I had a personal training session booked with Scott… as a runner, I have the upper body strength of a mouse and arms like pipe-cleaners: not good for swimming! Scott is a qualified PT who has tailored a plan for me to help me achieve my goals and pushes me beyond what I think I’m capable of. By the end of the session I was exhausted and had trouble lifting my arms above my head to stretch. Scott said I’d smashed it. The contrast between this and my morning run couldn’t have been more apparent. This is a different kind of training but I was still very happy.

I’m not sure which of my #Janathon exploits on Day 2 was most satisfying (I get the feeling that my decision will be made tomorrow as I have trouble lifting a cup of tea to my mouth) but I am getting more and more excited about the journey ahead.

Janathon 2017 Stats
Total Miles = 9.70
Total KM = 15.61
Total Calories = 406
Average KM Day = 7.81

Days Worth Calories = 0.20
IRONMAN Distances = 0.14
10Ks = 1.56


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Marathon Runner, Optimist, Joie de vivre…
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