#Janathon Day 1: A Depressingly Familiar Cliché

On this day, the 1st of January 2017, I became a statistic… a living, breathing and depressingly familiar cliché. I joined a gym. I know, I could barely bring myself to do it: during the month of January, gyms turn into zoos of newbies as a matter of course. Wave after wave of enthused beginners sign away hundreds of pounds, and hit the cardio and the weights machines in a determined but inevitably, all too short-lived attempt to ‘get fit’. I desperately didn’t want to be seen as one of them… but today I was motivated by something other than health, my own crushing vanity and the desire to obliterate some of this Christmas wobble.  This ‘something’ happens to be Staffordshire IRONMAN 70.3 2017.


Earlier today I was reminded by a friend that, as of this morning, I have just 167 days to train for this mid-life crisis mission… a 1.2 mile open water swim, followed by a 56 mile bike ride and a quick Half Marathon. 70.3 miles in total, three disciplines, and what will no-doubt be the biggest physical challenge of my life. Having been part of an IRONMAN relay team as a cyclist last summer, I know that if I don’t want to be disqualified or to drown, my swimming stroke needs some serious attention. For this I need a pool that is long enough, open when I need it to be, not full of school-kids and close to home. The local gym was the obvious choice.

That straightforward and all-too-accurate text message from Luey was all the motivation I needed to swallow my pride, sign on the dotted line and become a fully paid up Turkey Trotter. And it was with this in mind that I also headed out for a swift 5k Janathon before sundown (Movescount)… a short leg loosener following my running club’s traditional 13 mile multi-terrain jaunt around Rudyard and Leek yesterday. Now the first run of the year is out of the way expect my 2017 Janathon exploits to be a mixture of running, cycling (on a turbo trainer), swimming and strength work, as I transform myself from the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man I have become, into Tony Stark. Watch this space.

Janathon 2017 Stats
Total Miles = 3.13
Total KM = 5.04
Total Calories = 406
Average KM Day = 5.04

Days Worth Calories = 0.20
IRONMAN Distances = 0.04
10Ks = 0.50


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