#Janathon Day 30: Up and Early

Today I got up and ran early – I’ve been waiting all week to get stuff done, so didn’t want to get stuck into chores knowing that I had to Janathon later. I hit the canal before 8 and bashed out a quick three miles (Movescount). It was chilly but sunny and very pleasant once I got going. I bobbed along merrily and said Hi to my Sports Therapist also out for his morning run. Tomorrow I’m finishing off Janathon with Walter’s Sunday run and will hopefully be going out on a high!

Janathon 2016 Stats
Total Miles = 128.29
Total KM = 206.46
Total Calories = 15,436
Average KM Day = 6.88

Boots Meal Deal = 15.28
Greggs Steak & Cheese Roll = 45.50
Lazy Lunchtime Trip Total = 11.43
Days Worth Calories = 7.72
Journeys to Work = 9.87
10Ks = 20.65


About Trenthamfolk

Marathon Runner, Optimist, Joie de vivre…
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