#Janathon Day 21: 3 Weeks Down

Three weeks… that’s how long it’s been since I’ve had an alcoholic drink. No, I’m not Dry Januarying, nothing as formal as that. I just saw it as an opportunity to save some cash (everyone’s skint anyway), loose a bit of weight by doubling up Slimming World with #Janathon, and generally address my sloppy health in an ‘in the round’ kind of way. It appears to be working. I’ve lost 11lb in three weeks, am sleeping better, my complexion has cleared up,  I’m going to sleep quicker, haven’t been told off for snoring once, am drinking loads of water and haven’t had one hangover.

Running every day is definitely helping… it’s tiring running when you’re already tired and groggy from the night before… and doing just a little often seems to be keeping my metabolism up… Tonight I did 4 miles and felt really good (Movescount). I would have liked to go to club, but needed to get home and cook the tea. Home made bolognaise was the order of the day, made from scratch. It’s great how Janathon focusses the mind – now to make it last!

Janathon 2016 Stats
Total Miles = 92.59
Total KM = 149.01
Total Calories = 11158
Average KM Day = 7.10

Boots Meal Deal = 11.05
Greggs Steak & Cheese Roll = 32.89
Lazy Lunchtime Trip Total = 8.27
Days Worth Calories = 5.58
Journeys to Work = 7.12
10Ks = 14.90


About Trenthamfolk

Marathon Runner, Optimist, Joie de vivre…
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2 Responses to #Janathon Day 21: 3 Weeks Down

  1. Justin Horneker says:

    Keep up the progress! It’s going to be an amazing transformation!

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