#Janathon Day 19: Headspace

I got home from work today and went out straight away for a quick run… two miles was all I needed to process the events of the day, mull over my response to the the challenges and reflect on stuff I’d learnt (Movescount). Even when I’m alone at home it’s difficult to find time to reflect… there’s always something to do. Just twenty minutes in my own company is all the headspace I need. Before I get on with cooking the tea, sorting the laundry and hoovering up, #Janathon is making sure get it.

Janathon 2016 Stats
Total Miles = 85.54
Total KM = 137.66
Total Calories = 10316
Average KM Day = 7.25

Boots Meal Deal = 10.21
Greggs Steak & Cheese Roll = 30.41
Lazy Lunchtime Trip Total = 7.64
Days Worth Calories = 5.16
Journeys to Work = 6.58
10Ks = 13.77


About Trenthamfolk

Marathon Runner, Optimist, Joie de vivre…
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