#Janathon Day 11: Happy Mondays

Tonight I ran with my work colleagues – we did one of our favourite routes, a challenging but enjoyable run around the residential streets of Stafford (Movescount). I have been absent for a few weeks and discovered that the team had added some additional twists and turns whilst I had been away, which extended the route by a mile or so. Not a lot, but enough to notice the difference. By the time we got back to work we were wet, cold and thoroughly pooped. I returned to my car to find the car park flooded and my little motor alone and seemingly abandoned in the middle of a vast puddle…. and it was raining… Given the sad news we had today about the late great David Bowie, the scene was set for a miserable evening. However, as I sloshed through the filthy water towards my car I was overcome with a bizarre sense of happiness and contentment. Weird I know, but running does that to you.

Janathon 2016 Stats
Total Miles = 56.58
Total KM = 91.06
Total Calories = 6898
Average KM Day = 8.28

Boots Meal Deal = 6.83
Greggs Steak & Cheese Roll = 20.33
Lazy Lunchtime Trip Total = 5.11
Days Worth Calories = 3.45
Journeys to Work = 4.35
10Ks = 9.11


About Trenthamfolk

Marathon Runner, Optimist, Joie de vivre…
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