#Janathon Day 4: Laziness and High-Street Convenience

I have not felt this bad after a half-marathon for a long time. Quads, lower back, calves, ribs, gluts, shoulders, neck, arms… they all ache. On days like this I typically slob about, fail to plan my meals for the following day, get up late and wind up having a budget-friendly and healthy ‘Boots Meal Deal’ for my desk-based lunch. They’re such good value – and points too!

First up I choose a healthy sandwich (got to choose a triple to maximise the saving!) at 525 calories, with a can of Monster Energy (usually £1.75 alone – a bargain) with a whopping 13.5 teaspoons of sugar and another 220 calories. Round this off with a bag of Walkers MAX Crisps (265 calories per 50g bag) and this perceived ‘healthy option’ chimes in at 1,010 calories.

Not content with my bag of health-food, I’ll be drawn in by the Greggs Steak and Cheese Roll. Luscious beef with cheese and gravy wrapped in a flaky pastry: a treat I can apparently enjoy as part of a healthy, balanced diet. It’s so easy to pop in and shove one of these tempting delights into my face on the way back to the office. That’s another 340 calories thank you, the entire lunchtime visit totalling 1,350 calories! Who are they kidding?

Who have I been kidding?!

This has been happening a lot… little wonder body hurts. In the last four days I’ve run 21.5 miles, but that’s burnt off less than two of these lunch trips. Laziness and high-street convenience have been my undoing and I deserve all the feedback my limbs are giving me, which is why I only ran two uncomfortable #Janathon miles tonight (Movescount). At least this I can do something about.

Janathon 2016 Stats
Total Miles = 21.50
Total KM = 34.60
Total Calories = 2684
Average KM Day = 8.65

Boots Meal Deal = 2.66
Greggs Steak & Cheese Roll = 7.91
Lazy Lunchtime Trip Total = 1.99
Days Worth Calories = 1.34
Journeys to Work = 1.65
10Ks = 3.46


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