#Juneathon: Day 29 – The inspirational 6-Towns Runner

The heat is on it’s way… we could feel it tonight trotting about Stafford with my beginners (Movescount). We all agreed that we like the heat, but from what Carol on the Beeb was saying this morning, the next few days really aren’t going to be running weather. Hooray, BBQ time! What better excuse to sit back, crack open a cold one and soak up some rays? Sadly, this is not an option for my mate Phil, AKA the 6-Towns runner.

Phil is well known in these parts, mainly for doing crazy things for the local children’s hospice. Tomorrow he embarks on the first of SIX full marathons (one for each of the six towns in Stoke-on-Trent) which will culminate in his completing the official Potteries Marathon on the 5th July, this coming Sunday. The man really is an inspiration, as I’m wetting myself at the prospect of doing one, let alone six in as many days!

6 Towns Runner Phil Thomas

6 Towns Runner Phil Thomas

With that, I will leave you with his twitter (https://twitter.com/6townsrunner) Give the man a follow, and if you have a couple of quid for sick kids, please chuck it his way!

#Juneathon 2015 Stats
Total Miles = 141.10
Total KM = 227.08
Total Calories = 17248
Average KM Day = 7.83

Subway Mega Melts = 33.36
Bottles of Thatchers Katy = 77.69
Days Worth Calories = 8.62
Journeys to Work = 10.85
10Ks = 22.71


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