#Juneathon: Day 20 – One More Mile

Today I ran a mile… 1.24 miles to be exact (Movescount). It was hot and muggy but was a mile I otherwise wouldn’t have run and I am proud of it.

When I did my LIRF course I was told an interesting statistic: less than 1% of the UK population can run a mile without stopping. Now a mile is further than you think, especially when you’re on your own two feet, but let’s think about that for a moment. Many people can run for short distances, often very quickly, but a mile is something only about 641,000 of us can do… When you can do multiple miles, us runners are in a fairly elite group. The top of the top 1%!  Then if you consider how many ran a mile today… then how many have run every day for the past 20 days, us #Junealthoners are practically up there with people who’ve walked on the moon or have enjoyed a Ringo Starr album!

That’s the reason I am proud of my one mile run. It won’t break any records but it’s a lot further than most people ran today.

Juneathon 2015 Stats
Total Miles = 102.93
Total KM = 165.65
Total Calories = 13332
Average KM Day = 8.28

Subway Mega Melts = 25.79
Bottles of Thatchers Katy = 60.05
Days Worth Calories = 6.67
Journeys to Work = 7.92
10Ks = 16.56


About Trenthamfolk

Marathon Runner, Optimist, Joie de vivre…
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2 Responses to #Juneathon: Day 20 – One More Mile

  1. lloydsloops says:

    expressed like that, well
    an inspired set of words in themselves

  2. mbcrower says:

    I love that thought. Makes my teeny joggets seem a bit more special.

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