#Juneathon: Day 16 – Hanchurch Hills

Make no mistake, I didn’t want to go #Juneathoning today. My legs were sore, my core was sore, after work I was tired and the hay-fever like the worst of colds. But I was deputising as run leader and couldn’t let the team down, so it was with a sense resignation that I made my way to the club. Considering it was Potters on Sunday and it’s Shugborough Relays tomorrow there were quite a few runners in attendance, however some of the faster group opted to plod along with us middle-paced runners to save their legs for tomorrow. And so it was we made our way to Hanchurch Woods.

What followed was an eight mile multi-terrain run of woodlands, fishing pools and spectacular summer views over the Trent Valley. It was a challenging route (Movescount) with a killer climb just before half-way and lots of changes under-foot to keep us, quite literally, on our toes. We gossipped as we ran, discussed the forthcoming marathon, mingled with mountain bikers with their wheels and gears (no such luxury for us runners!) and made it back, a sweaty but happy bunch. As a wise person once said, it’s impossible to feel bad after a good run. I’m very glad I went.

Juneathon 2015 Stats
Total Miles = 88.89
Total KM = 143.05
Total Calories = 11529
Average KM Day = 8.94

Subway Mega Melts = 22.30
Bottles of Thatchers Katy = 51.93
Days Worth Calories = 5.76
Journeys to Work = 6.84
10Ks = 14.31


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