#Juneathon: Day 14 – Potters ‘Arf and A Bit

Today I ran Potters ‘Arf. Widely touted as the toughest road-based half marathon, it didn’t disappoint: Hills a-plenty, loads of support, Jelly Babies, ice lollies, screaming kids, high fives, results galore and Men’s AND Women’s team trophies for the mighty Trentham Running Club‘s Green Army. I just plodded casually around and enjoyed the ride, but know I was a part of something epic. I am so proud I can’t tell you.

The Green Army

The Green Army


Me Running up Anchor Road!


A Medal and a Plate

I ran with my friend Jen who is also training for the Potteries Marathon. She’s a complete chatter-box, so we nattered all the way round and had a highly enjoyable time. Once done, I collected my commemorative Potteries plate and medal… then ran home adding another 4.5 miles to the tally making it just short of 18 (Movescount). I am now officially knackered and have a busy week ahead of me.

Is it OK to go to bed now?

Juneathon 2015 Stats
Total Miles = 78.56
Total KM = 126.43
Total Calories = 10217
Average KM Day = 9.03

Subway Mega Melts = 19.76
Bottles of Thatchers Katy = 46.02
Days Worth Calories = 5.11
Journeys to Work = 6.04
10Ks = 12.64


About Trenthamfolk

Marathon Runner, Optimist, Joie de vivre…
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