#Juneathon 2015: Day 3 – Smug Running Day

Today I ran to work (Movescount). I got up at at 5am, scoffed a quick breakfast of smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, had a cup of coffee, donned the shorts and made for the canal in the quiet still of the morning. 2 hours or so later I was showered and behind my desk. It was just after 8 o’clock, before many of my colleagues had even arrived, with a half marathon under my belt.

Wednesday Morning at 6am... Isn't that a Simon & Garfunkel Album?

Wednesday Morning at 6am… Isn’t that a Simon & Garfunkel Album?

The run from Trentham to Stafford is a pleasant one. I hit the Trent and Mersey Canal just before 6am… It was was quiet and serene with the mist rising over the water. First pit-stop was Barlaston Village 2.5 miles away, to remove my jacket – it was warmer than I had imagined. Between Barlaston and the small market town of Stone the pathway twists and turns through the rolling Staffordshire countryside and past the former Joules Brewery. By the time I hit the road I was already half way.

The sun was beginning to shine and I could feel it on my back as I made for the footpath at the side of the A34. This is a major commuter route through Staffordshire and at 7am the traffic was beginning to build. I smiled as I saw many of the same cars I usually see but from my alternative runners vantage-point… By the time I made it to the outskirts of Stafford I was in no-doubt feeling it, but knew that is was a downhill stroll towards the town centre and my office. A final push past bleary-eyed commuters cradling their Starbucks and the job was done.

#Juneathon Day 3 was complete before most of the world had woken up and I was very pleased with myself.

Juneathon 2015 Stats
Total Miles = 22.14
Total KM = 35.63
Total Calories = 2889
Average KM Day = 11.88

Subway Mega Melts = 5.59
Bottles of Thatchers Katy = 13.01
Days Worth Calories = 1.44
Journeys to Work = 1.70
10Ks = 3.56


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5 Responses to #Juneathon 2015: Day 3 – Smug Running Day

  1. lloydsloops says:

    has all the hallmarks i can identify with from those of my own experiences; early mornings, canals and arrivals at the day job, gleaming with a better alternative to commencing the day, our runs of course
    great blog

  2. winsometahn says:

    A half marathon before work? Definitely worthy of smugness. The route sounds divine.

  3. I’m very impressed! Half marathon BEFORE work!?

  4. Sam says:

    Smugness most definitely earned and deserved! Well done

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