#Juneathon Day 10: Presentations and Precipitation

Walter likes mud, this fact is well documented and today he delivered with aplomb. The #Juneathon weather was fantastic, warm and breezy, sunny and fresh… but let’s not forget that we’ve had a load of torrential downpours in recent hours. Earlier today I was attempting to deliver a presentation to a room full of operational firemen in the midst of a clattering thunder-storm. I had to raise my voice as the rain battered against the windows and as I yelled at my audience, the rain stopped as suddenly as it had begun… I felt like quite a tit.

Our club-run today took us down the canal to the Wedgwood estate, through the cricket club and up the fields to the big house. The hill is a good one, but even at the top our feet were sinking a good four inches into the turf. The ground really was sodden. After running around the top of Barlaston village, we headed back through Hem Heath woods and I was granted navigational duties through the maze of paths. I say paths… rivers of mud would be more accurate. We had a few tumbles and calls of ‘Man Down!’ and plenty of laughs along the way. Most importantly, I didn’t get us lost! 13km tonight and back in the game.

Juneathon 2014 Stats
Total Miles = 57.43
Total KM = 92.42
Total Calories = 7087
Average KM Day = 9.24

I’m Too Busy Lunches = 5.06
Bottles of Sailor Jerry’s = 4.03
Days Worth Calories = 3.54
Journeys to Work = 4.13
10Ks = 9.24


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