#Juneathon Day 9: Hot Running Race Prep

Blimey, today had it all… blazing sun, thunder bolts and lightening (not very frightening), heavy rain, scorched grass, the lot… Freaky weather is here to stay it would seem. By this morning I was well on my way to being back to my normal, odd self… but as my friend Lou pointed out, I wasn’t quite on planet earth early-doors. Fortunately a good 6+ mile run was just what I needed to put me back into the #Juneathon spirit.

It was flipping hot as we belted around Stafford. My running buddies were lamenting the heat and wondering why they felt so knackered… but that’s what the heat does to you and it’s one of the reasons we train: to get the bad runs out of the way during training so come race day, we’re prepped and ready. I don’t think I sold it very well, but it has prepared them well for the Stone 10K in 2 weeks time. I’m sure they’ll all excel and do me proud.

Juneathon 2014 Stats
Total Miles = 49.36
Total KM = 79.44
Total Calories = 6085
Average KM Day = 8.83

I’m Too Busy Lunches = 4.35
Bottles of Sailor Jerry’s = 3.46
Days Worth Calories = 3.04
Journeys to Work = 3.55
10Ks = 7.94


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One Response to #Juneathon Day 9: Hot Running Race Prep

  1. It’s super hot here too, hopefully a break is in store later in the week! 😊

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