#Juneathon 2014 Day 3: Club Run to The Plume

Club run tonight… it was a bit cooler today, thank goodness, and the group had swelled to about 30 runners due to some of the fast bunch wanting to ‘take it easy’ ahead of the Potters ‘Arf on Sunday. The Potters is a possibly the toughest road based half on the circuit. It is notable that there are about 35 Trentham runners at the Stafford Half, but only a couple of Stafford Harriers dare attempt the Pot’s… it really is that tough. Sadly, this year I will be unable to compete due to it clashing with my Mum’s birthday. Usually, in a clash between family and running, the green army wins. This time, however, Mum’s the word.

We ran an occasionally fast, but non-the-less comfortable 7.67 miles down the canal to the Plume of Feathers, a canal side pub in Barlaston before heading up the hill to Josiah’s old house (which is for sale is you have some spare cash) and got back in time for the club social night. The club social is on the first Tuesday of every month. The club buys chips and bread for chip butties and lures hungry runners into the bar on the promise of free nosh. We have a habit of running in pace based silo’s and it’s good to mix with members from the other groups. We all had a good natter and filled up… After all, the words “no I couldn’t possibly, my body is a temple” were uttered by no runner, ever…

Juneathon 2014 Stats
Total Miles = 20.97
Total KM = 33.75
Total Calories = 2599
Average KM Day = 11.25

I’m Too Busy Lunches = 1.86
Bottles of Sailor Jerry’s = 1.48
Days Worth Calories = 1.30
Journeys to Work = 1.51
10Ks = 3.37


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Marathon Runner, Optimist, Joie de vivre…
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2 Responses to #Juneathon 2014 Day 3: Club Run to The Plume

  1. winsometahn says:

    We run so we *can* eat chip butties!

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