#Juneathon 2014 Day 2: Explanations & Confessions

Yesterday I confessed to being off the wagon and making excuses for being a pleb… old habits die hard… Andrew Mitchel could level that one at me and I’d agree with him. This has shaped the measures I will use to tally up my 2014 #Juneathon efforts. Many of you will have noticed that I’m a bit of a nerd. When the bit is between my teeth the numbers get serious, driving me forward. This #Juneathon I have decided to run 10K a Day. It sounds a lot. however during #Janathon I averaged a little over 6 miles a day so this shouldn’t prove too much of a challenge. I have therefore added the total 10K’s completed to date to my tally.

I have also replaced the equivalent number of Greggs Steak Bakes (my previous guilty pleasure) with the number of I’m too busy lunches. These are what the familiar and I resort to, generally on a Saturday lunch time when in the midst of tidying up, decorating, gardening or watching Iron Man 3. Chippy chips, steak and kidney pudding and chip-shop gravy. Nom. The shocker is that a mind blowing 47% of the calories in chip-shop chips come from fat! The upshot of the whole ensemble (based on 400g of chips, a standard suet pud and a small helping of the brown stuff) is approximately 1,400 calories. That is a half marathon, which is just insane and I’ve been doing it a lot.

I have also developed a taste for Spiced Rum… Sailor Jerry’s in particular and it is not uncommon for a half a bottle of this exotic brew to pass my lips on a weekend, accompanied by random forays into wild guitar playing and doing (surprisingly convincing) Captain Jack Sparrow Impressions to everyone I encounter. Jim has therefore been replaced by Jerry.

Tonight I ran with my work buddies who are training for a 10K. Ideal! I went out early and ran a quick 3K to warm up, but it was so insanely hot I needn’t have bothered. A full compliment of my mini club joined me for a further 8K, proving to them that the aspiring 10k is just around the corner, taking me up to 11. Time to ease into the month and see those totals climb!

Juneathon 2014 Stats
Total Miles = 13.29
Total KM = 21.39
Total Calories = 1639
Average KM Day = 10.69

I’m Too Busy Lunches = 1.17
Bottles of Sailor Jerry’s = 0.93
Days Worth Calories = 0.82
Journeys to Work = 0.96
10K’s = 2.14


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