#Janathon Day 31: Another Number for Another Year

There we have it, #Janathon 2014 is complete… it’s been a blast, I’ve enjoyed every run, but it’s been hard work this mind-over-matter business. I’m ready for a good rest and a glass bottle of red. #DryJanuary, on the other hand, has been a relative breeze. All I had to do was not do something and it’s been a valuable learning experience. Despite the tiredness, by combining these two January-based challenges I have discovered a new quality of sleep I had forgotten existed, feel physically great, have saved a small wad of cash and dropped half a stone! So, for the record, here are my #Janathon stats:

Total Miles = 191.9
Total KM = 308.8
Total Calories = 23701
Average Per Day = 6.2

Equivalent to…
Greggs Steak Bakes = 48.4
Bottles of Jim Beam = 15.2
Days Worth Calories = 11.9
Journeys to Work = 13.8

This is the furthest distance I’ve ever run in a month, and the longest I’ve been without an alcoholic drink for about a decade… crucially, of the 31 days I’ve been Janathoning, I’ve burnt off twelve days worth of calories! Madness…

This morning I was required to address a room full of people for half an hour and talk about statistics. Needless to say, by lunchtime I was ready for a good blast, so hit the road with my lovely workmates. The weather was vile: blustery with lashing wintry rain. No sooner had I started than I realised my legs (despite feeling great after last night’s sports massage) were not really up to much. Nevertheless we ran 4.8 miles (Runkeeper) and I was satisfied with this final effort.

My next challenge is the London Marathon in April, so over the next 2 months I need to allow adequate recovery time in-between runs and extend my distances considerably… training proper is upon me, no more of this crazy #Janathon business! Thank you all for reading my blogs, I hope you’ve all enjoyed your new year as much as me. 2014… Ready, set… GO!


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2 Responses to #Janathon Day 31: Another Number for Another Year

  1. I’ve really enjoyed your Janathon blogs. Hope you’re going to blog a little about your Marathon training too. Good Luck

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