#Janathon Day 29: Sacrifice Imagination

The end of #Janathon 2014 is drawing near, and my mind is firmly fixed on the goal ahead… If it were a half marathon, I’d be at the end of mile 12… the end is just around the corner, and I’m feeling the pace, but it’s too early to make a break for it and sprint to the finish. In order to save myself I’ve opted to put my head down, concentrating on putting one foot in front of the other, and have sacrificed any semblance of imagination.

Tonight I chose a route that I have done three times in the last week. Long enough so that I know I’ve worked for it, but relatively flat and well lit that requires very little thought (Runkeeper). It may be a little boring, but at this stage I don’t care. I need a day off running and need, like medically need, a glass of wine. While I’m in danger of wishing my life away, that day will be Saturday and it can’t come soon enough!

Janathon 2014 Stats
Total Miles = 179.93 (How close to 180!)
Total KM = 289.57
Total Calories = 22,227
Average Per Day = 6.20

Greggs Steak Bakes = 45.4
Bottles of Jim Beam = 14.3
Days Worth Calories = 11.1
Journeys to Work = 12.94


About Trenthamfolk

Marathon Runner, Optimist, Joie de vivre…
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2 Responses to #Janathon Day 29: Sacrifice Imagination

  1. winsometahn says:

    I’m deeply in awe of everyone who managed to RUN every day. Enjoy the rest day and wine on Saturday!

  2. missyoungbob says:

    Amazing effort 👍👍👍

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