#Janathon Day 26: The Water Based Apocalypse?

Over the course of the Past week, the weathermen would have had us believe we were all going to be washed away by some sort of mighty storm, the likes of which mankind has not encountered since the great Galveston storm of 1900. Over the last two days the media coverage had become ever more frenzied, taking on the decidedly more ‘apocalyptic’ mantle of the rain-based punishment of the almighty! Despite not owning a life jacket (foolish, I know) and without wearing a survival suit (!!) I decided to stare almost certain death in the face and ventured out into the ‘light drizzle’ like a soldier of #Janathon. I made my way to Stafford for a Half Marathon training run with a few of my County Council Runners.

After a couple of last minute bails, a total of three of us congregated outside our workplace at 9am. I had worked out a route that involved various loops in and out of the town center, allowing runners to call it at day at regular intervals, but still being close to their cars… after a brief chat with security guard and blagging a visit to the loo, we set off at a merry pace. The first three miles were the last three of the half marathon route, and there loads of puddles, but thankfully no need to swim (a relief as I had forgotten my flippers). Being early on a wet Sunday in mid-January there were very few people about, so we had the paths and roads largely to ourselves. We took full advantage and ran in the middle of the lanes barely noticing the miles slip by.

Kris and Emma (my running partners today) are fairly new to running and I was putting them through their paces. They both got properly stuck in, powered up the hills and we all chatted as we ran. At nine and a half miles we passed Emma’s house and she waved us farewell… a personal best distance by over three miles! Well done mate. Me and Kris ran on and at 11.1 miles clocked a new personal best distance for him too! They’re going to monster the Stafford Half. I ran on and made it up to 13.2 (Runkeeper) which pushed through the 160 miles barrier for #Janathon. As a bonus we didn’t drown or get stranded on an islands. Nor did we succumb to other water-based disaster for that matter. Have that meteorologists… we’re a tough bunch us runners.

Janathon 2014 Stats
Total Miles = 160.84
Total KM = 258.85
Total Calories = 19,854
Average Per Day = 6.19

Greggs Steak Bakes = 40.5
Bottles of Jim Beam = 12.8
Days Worth Calories = 9.9
Journeys to Work = 11.57


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