#Janathon Day 22: A Running Themed Blur

What day is it? I’m can’t be sure… My life is currently a running themed blur. Everything is hooked up into a long stream of work and running, with bouts of sleep and eating shoehorned in-between. Such is my running fervor that last night my wife woke me up… I was dreaming about running out loud, and making quite a meal of it by all accounts.

This kind of thing happens every #Janathon and #Juneathon but still it takes me by surprise, as does the recognition that I’m not indestructible, and have acquired the mobility of a lump of granite… at least, that’s what my 3.4 mile run felt like tonight. It was hard work, my gait sluggish like the ocean tides, legs moving in time with continental drift. In fact I ran faster than my regular training pace (Runkeeper) but couldn’t really tell…

Please, someone mend my legs and return my running mojo! Foam roller time…

Janathon 2014 Stats
Total Miles = 133.73
Total KM = 215.22
Total Calories = 16,485
Average Per Day = 6.08

Greggs Steak Bakes = 33.6
Bottles of Jim Beam = 10.6
Days Worth Calories = 8.2
Journeys to Work = 9.62


About Trenthamfolk

Marathon Runner, Optimist, Joie de vivre…
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2 Responses to #Janathon Day 22: A Running Themed Blur

  1. runtezza says:

    Not long to go now (well, quite a bit really) but hope your legs come back to life soon!

  2. I now exactly how you are feeling! Definitely all a blur!

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