#Janathon Day 5: Messy House

You can’t half tell it’s #Janathon in my house at the moment – there is even more running gear scattered around than usual. There are tops on radiators, towels over the banister, gloves and buffs piled about, muddy trainers in the hall and socks on the stairs… Not to mention the Christmas decorations that have recently been taken down, revealing discarded cracker novelties and dusty gift-wrap debris, is’t all looking a bit of a tip. We need to get on it, but the #Janathon legs are back like the return of an old friend, and I can’t be bothered.

Nuff Said!

Nuff Said!

Today I ran a flat 7 mile route (Runkeeper) that once again took in the canal, but in the direction of the town. I didn’t choose this route for any particular reason, I simply headed off in the opposite direction from yesterday, and let the roads take me. It’s wasn’t the most glamorous of routes, but it served it’s purpose, and I was back in a little over an hour. Once home, the Mrs set off for her Boot-Kick-Core-Cross-Fit class with Gail (aka husband control lessons) and I was on child duty. Two loads of laundry, some sausage sandwiches and a trip to the supermarket later, I am finally getting to sit down and Blog… and I now have to go. I’ve trodden dirt into the lounge carpet, and those shirts aren’t going to iron themselves.

Janathon 2014 Stats
Total Miles = 28.21
Total KM = 45.40
Total Calories = 3,503

Greggs Steak Bakes = 7.1
Bottles of Jim Beam = 2.3
Days Worth Calories = 1.8
Journeys to Work = 2.03


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One Response to #Janathon Day 5: Messy House

  1. shazruns says:

    Lots of Janathon mess here too, three loads of muddy washing done today and still trainers drying in hall way, oh and mud in the carpet but sssssh don’t tell hubby

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