#Janathon Day 4: The Closet Slimmer

Today got off to a speedy start – I was up at dawn to dash off to see my friends at Slimming World in Stafford… yes, I know… thin and a runner? Slimming World? But seriously, if I don’t manage my diet I get fat, no matter how much running I do. When I focus on my diet, my heath improves, my running gets faster, I am more organised and my life is just better. I also have various lingering heath issues that the folk at the NHS keep an eye on, and when my weight is lower, the test results are always better. So this is what I do… It helps keep everything in balance.

Before.... and After!

Before…. and After!

As it happens, I have piled a whole 2lbs on over Christmas, but this isn’t anything I can’t handle… the combination of #Janathon and #DryJanuary should put paid to that extra pleb. Due to son-related-sickness (he’s fed-up, but on the mend – thank you for the well wishes) our planned visit to see friends in the Shire was cancelled – we can’t have the lurgy’s being spread about – but this downer was offset by the ability for me to Janathon in the Daylight! I got in touch with my running wife, Em’s from round the corner, and we arranged to meet ‘down by the canal’ like kids going out to play.

We had a very enjoyable run and gossip for 6.3 (Runkeeper) miles down the canal towpath, which today was covered in mud and puddles, up and past Josiah Wedgwood’s old house on the hill, and zoomed back down through the Wedgwood estate to the canal and home. By the time we pulled up we were splattered with mud and leaves, but happy and satisfied with our efforts. Em’s is also #DryJanuarying, so I have a partner to exchange encouragement with and watch for any signs of failure. Should I lapse, I will rely on Em’s to give me the talking to I deserve, before I return to Stafford and step on the scales to discover my running efforts have been for naught. Such is the life of a closet slimmer…. one of the reasons I love running.

Janathon 2014 Stats
Total Miles = 21.17
Total KM = 34.07
Total Calories = 2,629

Greggs Steak Bakes = 5.4
Bottles of Jim Beam = 1.7
Days Worth Calories = 1.3
Journeys to Work = 1.52


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3 Responses to #Janathon Day 4: The Closet Slimmer

  1. Kim says:

    Good work! I don’t have a running buddy, but I’ve never made much effort to find one as I can’t run without music and that’s just rude, right?!

  2. Glad the little man is on the mend.

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