#Janathon Day 2 – Back In The Groove

After yesterdays internal battles and self-induced discomfort, I got up early and spent a worthwhile day back at the office. Come tea time I was ready for a good blast around the streets of Stoke with Trentham Running Club. I was so keen, that I set off at a hell of a pace, and my running bud Greg ‘The Helicopter’ asked what I had shoved up my bum… rocket fuel? After three miles, Walter (our illustrious leader) made his intentions clear… we were running up Hartshill Bank: A killer climb in the center of the city.

Hartshill (c) Google

Hartshill (c) Google

Perhaps I had set off too fast? No time to think, up we went… I recall the first time I ran this hill. You dig in and the legs start to burn, the heart pounds, the breathing quickens and the sweat pours… you feel like you’re dying, then you reach the brow of the hill, see the corner around which lies the muster point, and you feel reborn. I wasn’t ready for it, but boy did I need it. I’m back in the groove and loving it. Today I ran 7.63 #Janathon miles in 72 minutes (Runkeeper), and it felt brilliant.

Janathon 2014 Stats
Total Miles = 10.83
Total KM = 17.43
Total Calories = 1,358

Greggs Steak Bakes = 2.8
Bottles of Jim Beam = 0.9
Days Worth Calories = 0.7
Journeys to Work = 0.78


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8 Responses to #Janathon Day 2 – Back In The Groove

  1. Well done you! 7 miles is pretty epic

  2. Kim says:

    Oooft, I’m impressed. I used to run a killer hill in Glasgow but there don’t seem to be many near me here in Aberdeen. Oh well 😉

  3. Nearly a bottle of Jim Beam already!? Sweet deals!

  4. drumble24 says:

    That’s not heartbreak hill is it?! Or the one before where your fooled until you turn the corner and BOOM there is the actual heartbreak hill!

    • Trenthamfolk says:

      It’s not quite as bad as Hearbreak hill mate, mainly because it’s not at the end of a hilly half marathon! There’s a few in these parts. They keep us on our toes 🙂

  5. Excellent! Your running mojo is brilliant to read about!

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