Ditching the baggage in time for Janathon

Today I ran with my club, the awesome Trentham RC, up and around the hills of Staffordshire Moorlands for Deb’s annual new-year Rudyard Run. It’s a toughie, but hugely enjoyable, varied and picturesque. It has both hills and flat, mud, tree lined tracks, disused railways, fields, roads, towpaths, stiles, brambles and more mud… Despite looking forward to it, my legs felt heavy after a Festive period of doing a whole lot of ‘sod all’ (I think that’s the technical term). It was just under 13 miles of hard work, but enormous fun, as twenty-somthing of us belted through the hilly landscape and took in the views.

TRC in Leek Somewhere

TRC in Leek Somewhere

This is likely to be my last run if 2013, and I have a 2014 of challenges ahead. I need to decide what to take with me. There will be (at least) one Marathon, several half marathons and numerous 10K’s to attend to, and will have to travel light. Janathon is also around the corner, and really can’t be carrying much baggage.

2013 has left me with two half marathon PB’s, two 10K PB’s and my first ever Marathon. Whilst these glories saw my confidence grow, if I don’t keep my eyes fixed firmly forward, they will be a weight around my neck. Bad eating habits, alcohol consumption and the number one motivation killer, laziness, will also have to be successfully managed if I’m to capitalise on the foundations I have laid down. Common sense will therefore have to prevail, if I’m to stand a chance of achieving accomplishments worthy of my capability.

I am not, therefore, resolving to do anything in 2014, other than to to not be a fool. Get that right and the rest should duly follow… and with this merry bunch of running people around me (see above) how could I possibly fail???


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One Response to Ditching the baggage in time for Janathon

  1. No resolutions!? Marathon, several half-marathons and loads of 10Ks….sounds like enough already!

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