#Juneathon Day 30 – 180!

Well there we have it: treble tops, half a circle, a funky trick for kids on BMXs… 180, my goal for #Juneathon 2013 mileage. It’s been an experience.

I awoke at 7:30 am this morning having slept through my alarm. I was due to meet Em’s at our usual spot on the canal for the my final #Juneathon run at 8, so had to get moving. No time for breakfast! The weather was glorious, with birds chirping, the sun was shining and a warm breeze wafted over the fields… It felt like summer.

Em’s turned up and found me quietly taking it all in… OK, sunbathing… We contemplated our Saturday morning route (5.5 miles) but knowing it is not a pretty run by any stretch, we headed off in the opposite direction, once again towards the lush countryside around Wedgwood and Barlaston. As always, we chatted as we ran and said ‘morning’ to folks we came across. Ponies were out in the meadows enjoying the early rays, and canal boat people were rising from their narrow-boats and stretching in the summer air. We took it very easy, had a lot of fun, and made it back to Trentham in just over an hour. with 6.4 miles on the clock #Juneathon was complete.

Ponies in the meadow

Ponies in the meadow

#Juneathon 2013, accompanied by the trusty #Runkeeper, has taken me through some beautiful parts of mid-Staffordshire. Staffordshire is a county of contrasts, and I am blessed to have so many picturesque and challenging routes on my doorstep. My trusty and ever-chirpy companion on many of these runs has been Em’s. I can gossip like a girl at the best of times, and it’s been great to have her as a companion, to motivate me on those occasions when the call of the wine bottle would otherwise have gotten the better of me. We are also both members of Trentham Running Club – the fearsome Green Army – a true family of supportive, kind and friendly individuals, who offer no-end of encouragement, whatever your challenge. They have been a source of unwavering support.

Fields in Barlaston

Fields in Barlaston

I can’t deny it’s been hard work – in fact its been bloody tough. My legs are sore, and badly need a few days recovery. However, I have destroyed my #Janathon 2013 total of 155 miles, and averaged 6.06 miles a day, a whole mile a day extra. I have also conquered my phobia of training in the heat. Having been sun burnt, had suntan cream in my eyes, and been blinded by hay-fever, I have been through the lot, and come through relatively unscathed. All in all, it’s been a ball. Now I have a Marathon to train for, so my training pattern is going to change, hence running every day isn’t likely… until January 2014, obviously…

Juneathon 2013 Totals
Total Miles = 181.69
Total KM = 292.40
Total Calories = 22,027

Big Macs = 45.0
Pints of Strongbow = 91.8
Days Worth Calories = 11.0
Journeys to Work = 13.07

I also achieved my Best week in terms of  distance (47.8 miles), duration (7:35:56) and calories burnt (5,762), and spent 28:28:56 total hours running in June 2013. Blimey!


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2 Responses to #Juneathon Day 30 – 180!

  1. sarahbowman4 says:

    Well done! Amazing, I am inspired to take on Janathon!

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