#Juneathon Day 29 – Penultimate Long One

I have to admit, the tiredness is now getting to me. The mind is willing, but I’m having to push myself physically. My legs are feeling heavy and I’m lumbering in my gait. I’m dragging my feet, kicking my opposing ankles frequently, and getting lazy in my stride. We all know the signs. Yesterday was a busy day, as expected, and by the time I slowed down, it was 7:30 pm. By the time I hit the hay, it was after midnight. That kind of routine won’t help, but we never learn.


This afternoon I went to Barlaston Downs. The weather turned out to be lovely, with blue skies and little fluffy clouds. After yesterday’s downpours, this was a turn up for the books. We had started the day with an inspired breakfast BBQ (thanks Jaymo!) and I stocked up on a bit of Pizza before heading out. It is three miles down the canal to the Downs, and it felt good on the flat. I have a goal for #Juneathon in my head and if I didn’t want to exhaust myself tomorrow morning, so I needed a long(ish) one today. So far, so good.

High up, looking towards Shropshire

High up, looking towards Shropshire

Once I hit the Downs, I slowed down considerably. It’s up and down, mud and gravel, soil and grass. There were loads of folk up there, eyeing me like some kind of alien, lurching about. I said ‘Hi’ to most people, and tried to hide the fact that I was suffering. I stopped frequently to take photo’s and take in the view… but those were all excuses, I was feeling the pain (#Runkeeper). I was attacked by flies and slobbered on by dogs being walked, but my mind was focused on moving forward.

A very English scene

A very English scene

Once I got back on to the lovely, lovely flat canal tow-path, I felt great, but my distance was short by half a mile. I opted to leave the waterway and take the longer route home via the highway. Moments later my friend ‘Hazy’ scared the shizzle out of me, honking her horn as she drove past. She later confirmed that I looked like death. Boy, I felt it! Ten miles in the bag.

Roll on tomorrow morning and a quick five miles… I will have my goal, and the challenge will be over.

Juneathon 2013 Stats
Total Miles = 175.24
Total KM = 282.02
Total Calories = 21,264

Big Macs = 43.4
Pints of Strongbow = 88.6
Days Worth Calories = 10.6
Journeys to Work = 12.61


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