#Juneathon Day 27 – #Janathon, Get Owned

I had been looking forward to tonight’s ‘Revenge Thursday’ run with Trentham Running Club, partly because I love running (have you noticed?) but mostly because I was set to roll over the 155-mile mark and beat my #Janathon 2013 total, of which I was so proud. #Janathon was tough, running in all that ice and snow, but #Juneathon has been a hot and muggy affair for the most part, and tonight was no exception. It was also very wet.

Walter turned up, back from his holidays, looking like he’d been under a heat lamp for ten days. Harm asked if he should change into his trails, and I suggested that it was unlikely that there would be no mud: It was raining and Walter was involved. The first part of this run was the last part of Tuesdays run, in reverse. Through the woods, up and over the Trentham estate and onto the Beech road. Up the road we trudged, to Beech Cliff, hung a left and headed off down a hitherto unknown (to me at least) lane.

Wet Feet

Wet Feet

It turns out I have often seen this particular lane from the Motorway on my commute, and wondered a) where it started, and b) where it went. No I know. It took us (unusually) under the M6 and into the village of Tittensor, by the school, with some nice challenging hills along the way. The rain was still pouring down as we bombed it down the A34 and made haste across Bertie’s muddy fields to the canal, and back up the tow-path to the club house. 7.5 miles was the damage (#Runkeeper), and wet muddy fun was had by all.

Tonight saw the 160 miles (260 km also) come up for #Juneathon, which I am delighted about. There will be a short jog/blog tomorrow morning as I have to be quick… I am setting out to prove that no matter how busy your life is, there’s always time for a run!

Juneathon 2013 Stats
Total Miles = 161.67
Total KM = 260.18
Total Calories = 19,627

Big Macs = 40.1
Pints of Strongbow = 81.8
Days Worth Calories = 9.8
Journeys to Work = 11.63


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