#Juneathon Day 26: Time for a Quickie?

I had to hurry home today. I finished work in Stafford, then popped round to my Brothers house to borrow his roof-box for the holidays, so was dashing. I knew I had to get a #Juneathon run in before Mrs Trenthamfolk went to Rhumba, or Zuma, or KoreX! Whatever that dance thing is where they ‘whoop’ a lot. So as soon as I got in, I got changed and hit the towpath.

Josiah's old house from the canal

Josiah’s old house from the canal

Now I had exactly an hour. Any later and I would incur the wrath, and no man wants that, so I tried to get a shift on. But my short tired legs wouldn’t comply and I shuffled down the line in my customary way. The weather was very pleasant, I think I’m finally getting used to training in the heat. I did my old route again as it required no thought, but did the loop at the end the opposite way (the traditional, easier way) round (#Runkeeper) just to mix it up a bit.

The view back down

The view back down

There were lots of canal people using the towpath as a picnic area, and some waved as I ran by. Some kid overtook me on his bike and I overtook him as he stopped for a bag of crisps… this happened another 2 times on my route, and on the third occasion he waved and asked if I was OK, with a laugh. At both level crossings I encountered no trains, which is a rare occurrence as any resident of Barlaston will tell you. I got home just in time to be thoroughly told off, and given instructions on what to clean/cook/tidy during the following two hours.

I’m now very tired, and I can feel 26 days of running throughout my body. I’ve also started getting pins and needles in my back, which is odd (any ideas, post them below!). Tonight I ran ‘just’ over 6 miles, which has seen me through the 150 mile mark, and all is going to plan. Now I just have time to get some chicken and noodles down my neck and all will be well.

Juneathon 2013 Stats
Total Miles = 154.13
Total KM = 248.05
Total Calories = 18,710

Big Macs = 38.2
Pints of Strongbow = 78.0
Days Worth Calories = 9.4
Journeys to Work = 11.09


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