#Juneathon Day 23 – Splash & Dash

Often used as a pseudonym for ‘being brief’,  I have no idea where the term ‘splash and dash’ comes from… other than the emergency motorway service station stop-off for the kids, or an important and vital visit to the pub with my brother. However, today is the day of my Mother’s 60th Birthday party. Typically, it’s hurling down with rain (hence the splash) and I have to be there in an hour – it’s 50 minutes drive away – and I have a million things to do (hence the ‘dash’).

It is also supposed to be a BBQ, and whilst I’ve not been asked specifically, there have been a lot of references to ‘whilst you’re cooking’ and ‘when you’re at the BBQ’ etc… so this afternoon will be the second soaking I’ll get today. I have just #Juneathoned it for 3 miles or so (#Runkeeper) and now have to drive, upon pain of death, to Lichfield and be a chef for the day.

BBQ Weather?

BBQ Weather?

I also have to navigate the Stone St Michaels 10K, which many of my friends are running, and is slap bang in the middle of my route. I’ll honk for you guys… Go Green Army! Gotta dash, bye…

Juneathon 2013 Stats
Total Miles = 133.87
Total KM = 215.44
Total Calories = 16,265

Big Macs = 33.2
Pints of Strongbow = 67.8
Days Worth Calories = 8.1
Journeys to Work = 9.63


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