#Juneathon Day 20 – Lost in the Woods

It was very quiet at Running Club today. The juniors were out on the field chucking things about, but there was no-one else about. No Pickels, no ‘photogenic’ Ken, no Grumpy John, or (shock horror) Taxi Lee! My old friend Kayz made an appearance for the first time in about six months, which was a lovely surprise. She’s been missed. But other that the usual hard-core, rag-tag bunch of ten or so runners, there was not a lot happening.

We had chosen on a route that would take us along the canal and into the Wedgwood estate, then up the big hill to Josiah’s old house and round the lanes to Hem Heath woods (#Runkeeper). This is where we got lost. All of us have run through these woods countless times, but we had our heads down, watching our footing in the murky, damp conditions, and when we looked up, we had lost all sense of direction and had no idea where we were.

Fortunately we came across a dog walker who we asked for direction back to Trentham. He gave my vest an odd look, with TRENTHAM emblazoned across the front, and we were forced to admit that we were from up-the-road, but were hopeless. He gave us vague directions, which we managed to forget within seven seconds. However, we knew that if we ran far enough we’d hit either the railway or the road, so carried on regardless.

Lost, and found!!!!

Lost, and found!!!!

Eventually, and after a lot of mud and ducking through overgrown thickets, we wound up back where we needed to be. I am safe in the knowledge that the club record in the woods is not great, and that this the first time I have gotten a group lost. Fortunately another ‘Dan’ joined us for tonight’s run, so I can unceremoniously blame him! Such is the privilege of being the leader.

Aaaaaanyway… I’m happy that we ate up the miles at 9:20 minute mile pace on tonight’s #Juneathon effort, and that when I’m running I don’t sneeze. Hay-fever season is in full swing and I will suffer tonight. It’s a price we must pay for our passion and sanity. 120 miles so far, and counting… Boom!

Juneathon 2013 Stats
Total Miles = 120.78
Total KM = 194.38
Total Calories = 14,707

Big Macs = 30.0
Pints of Strongbow = 61.3
Days Worth Calories = 7.4
Journeys to Work = 8.69


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One Response to #Juneathon Day 20 – Lost in the Woods

  1. As always, great post and I love to see your “equivalents!” 😉

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