#Juneathon Day 15 – The Joy of LEGO ®!

LEGO bricks: They get everywhere. Under the furniture, inside the Dyson, mixed in with cat food, jammed in the washer… Apparently there are approximately 62 LEGO bricks in existence for every single person on earth. I have therefore calculated that my home currently contains the entire population of France. However, today we learnt the even this vast quantity of LEGO is not enough. There is always room somewhere for a little more.

As a treat for Junior’s Birthday, we carted him off to the Trafford Centre in Manchester and the LEGO Discovery Store. Essentially an elaborate shop, we rode the LEGO buggies and shot mini-figure bad guys with lasers. We got wet in the 4D Cinema, and built epic racers that trounced the best efforts from the (frankly, hopeless) opposition. This was very much Dad/Son type of stuff, with many a bemused mother sitting on the brightly coloured sofa’s looking knackered… Most has Selfridge’s bags… Curious…


4D Man!!!

4D Man!!!

To cut the story short, after a few hours of epic building, we left and were ushered through the LEGO store (there is no other way out). By this point Junior was totally worn out, on the limits of his ability to think, and wanted to buy EVERYTHING… Clever, LEGO people, clever… you duplicitous, evil money grabbers! I capitulated after about half an hour of harassment, and now Junior is downstairs (after his bedtime) building away… I’m seriously hoping for a lie in tomorrow…

This morning I was up early… Me and Em’s met up at our usual spot. 45 minutes later we were coming to the end of our typical 5.5 mile route when she suggested we take a slightly longer route back. I had mentioned that I was 6.2 miles away from 90 #Juneathon miles, and she suggested we ‘go the extra mile’ and make the most of the morning. So we added a bit on, and made my #Juneathon total up to a nice round figure (#Runkeeper). Perhaps this is why I like running… each mile is like a LEGO brick. Piece by piece you build until you’ve reached your goal… But once you’ve done, there’s always another mile to run. Another brick to add to the masterpiece. Always room for a little more.

Junior has finished his ‘LEGO Hero’ but I’m currently only half way through #Juneathon. However I’m liking the look of my progress to date, if not the look of my bank balance!

Juneathon 2013 Stats
Total Miles = 90.26
Total KM = 145.26
Total Calories = 11,056

Big Macs = 22.6
Pints of Strongbow = 46.1
Days Worth Calories = 5.5
Journeys to Work = 6.49


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One Response to #Juneathon Day 15 – The Joy of LEGO ®!

  1. Shaz says:

    Avoid Disney they operate on the ‘leave through ths shop’ ethos also but that is after every ride!

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