#Juneathon Day 14 – No I will not fix your computer…

Oh, all right then… My mother-in-law was on the phone again. She’d been listing stuff on ebay and had become stuck at the last hurdle… I suppose we take this sort of thing for granted. I turned 18 just as home computers and the internet became accessible, but for many an older generation who missed the bus, getting to grips with the intricacies of on-line selling is still a little daunting.

I actually don’t mind helping, and am pleased that she’s having a go. I need to remember that in 30 years’ time, Trenthamfolk Junior will probably be performing the same kind of service for his old dad with whatever new-fangled tech is of the moment. He was learning stuff in reception, age 4, that I had 6-month modules on at University. So tonight, as I hadn’t yet decided on a #Juneathon route, I decided to run the in-laws (#Runkeeper), have a look at the computer, and run home before supper.

Mother Stoke from Oakhill

Mother Stoke from Oakhill, and the Britannia Stadium

The run there was fairly boring, just pavements through the southern end of the city, and pretty unremarkable. Therefore, having sorted ebay, I opted to mix it up a little and chose an alternate route back. Head to wind now, I took in Church Lane (one of the steepest little hills in the neighbourhood and always good for a challenge) then went down the bridle way known as Cow Lane to the canal, and back home. 5 miles in the bag. It was warm and windy, my eyes are full of pollen, but tonight’s #Juneathon was a productive run in more ways than one.

Oh, and I’ve just rolled over 600 miles for the year… bonus!

Juneathon 2013 Stats
Total Miles = 83.88
Total KM = 134.99
Total Calories = 10,297

Big Macs = 21.0
Pints of Strongbow = 42.9
Days Worth Calories = 5.1
Journeys to Work = 6.03


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