#Juneathon Day 13 – Sever Weather Warning?

This morning the Met Office put out a sever weather warning for the West Midlands, particularly Staffordshire. High winds and torrential rain was on the cards, and we were all going to be swept away in a flood of literally ‘biblical’ proportions! I’m happy to say that what we actually got was a few showers, and broken sunshine. So the weather man got it wrong. Again. All things considered it’s been quite pleasant really.

I therefore donned my t-shirt and shorts and hit the canal for a #Juneathon mixture of tow-path, off road and on-road. I ventured across the fields and up to the club to tell Ryan that Junior wouldn’t be attending training this evening as he had requested a Birthday visit to Pizza Hut. How could we refuse? Having run three miles (#Runkeeper), I have since consumed approximately 1,200 calories worth of deep pan pizza and ‘salad’ (croûtons, coleslaw and blue-cheese sauce to me and you), and washing it down with a Cider or three.

Hey ho, another reason why I run!

Juneathon 2013 Stats
Total Miles = 78.84
Total KM = 126.88
Total Calories = 9,682

Big Macs = 19.8
Pints of Strongbow = 40.3
Days Worth Calories = 4.8
Journeys to Work = 5.67


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One Response to #Juneathon Day 13 – Sever Weather Warning?

  1. I think we must have got the weather! Torrential rain and thunderstorms!

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