#Juneathon Day 8 – New Trails

I am soon to re-start my beginners running club at work, and now the light is on our side, I wanted to have a poke about and discover some new trails close to my workplace. During previous outings in Stafford, I had clocked a road, leading off an estate we ran around over the winter. I knew it went somewhere wildernesy (is that a word?) but never explored further due to training on the dark winter evenings. So today I got up early, ate my poached eggs on toast, picked up my gear and headed off down to the motorway.

Once in Stafford, knowing I needed some cash I popped to the cash machine – at which point I realised I had left my wallet at home! There was nothing for it but to return to Trentham and pick it up, which left me with a little over half an hour to explore before an appointment… I had planned on an hour and a half. I was disappointed, but these things happen.

Somewhere in Stafford

Somewhere in Stafford

What resulted was a very pleasurable mini run along what I think is a disused railway line – it certainly gave that impression. A mile and a half down, I noticed a bench, some steps and a gate leading into a wooded area next to the M6 motorway. I ventured down, and it discovered a little piece of parkland with signs up stating people were ‘welcome to walk at any time’. I had a quick dash about the trees along the grassy paths, and soon found my way to another gate further up, and headed back along the path towards town.

Poppies and Oilseed

Poppies and Oilseed

Just over 3 miles was the result (#Runkeeper), but it was warm and worth it. Another look at google maps confirms that the path goes on for miles, so will be ideal training ground for my beginners. Despite the additional 30 miles driving, I am considering #Juneathon Day 8 a success.

Juneathon 2013 Stats
Total Miles = 46.65
Total KM = 75.08
Total Calories = 5,576

Big Macs = 11.4
Pints of Strongbow = 23.2
Days Worth Calories = 2.8
Journeys to Work = 3.36

UPDATE!!! I was on the Stafford to Newport Greenway, Thanks Catie!


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