Juneathon Day 2: Coombe’s Valley and Picnics

Today the Trenthamfolk spent the day at the RSPB’s Coombe’s Valley Nature Reserve. We tried our hands at a bit of geocaching, did a bit of pond dipping (and caught a newt!), face painting, badge making and some well earned picnic eating. We even managed to spot an elusive Red Tail near it’s nesting site – a feat that had some of the hard-core twitchers in a bit of a hump. The weather was ideal for the open day, with warm sunshine and a bit of a breeze, and I reckon the organisers will consider the day a complete success.

A Red Tail – Centre, on a branch!

#Juneathon day 2 has therefore once again been a late-afternoon affair. Today, Em’s and I went for a gentle run round one of our well trodden circuits. This route (#Runkeeper) takes us around some of the less glamorous parts of the City, but is relatively flat, which was a welcome change from last nights roller-coaster ride of tracks and trails. Em’s even got a ‘wey-hey!’ from some ‘yoof’ in a Saxo, which made her happy.

The Canal

I also have to decide if I get up at stupid o’clock and get Monday’s run out of the way, or wait until the evening again? I am not normally a morning runner, but I used to tell myself that I was not a runner full stop, and I couldn’t have been more wrong. So should I give it a go? The weather is set to get hotter throughout the week, which is great on one hand, but not so great for us runners when temperatures peak in late afternoon/early evening… Perhaps it’s time to give it a go.

After all, no-one said it would be easy!

Juneathon 2013 Stats
Total Miles = 16.13
Total KM = 25.96
Total Calories = 1,931

Big Macs = 3.9
Pints of Strongbow = 8.0
Days Worth Calories = 1.0
Journeys to Work = 1.16


About Trenthamfolk

Marathon Runner, Optimist, Joie de vivre…
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