Juneathon Day 1: Barlaston Downs

So, here it is, #Juneathon in upon us. Having upped the ante in the last few months, a consequence of the verve that #Janathon gave me, I have been looking forward to this festival of running, blogging, and the like. I have also entered myself into the 2013 Chester Marathon, as I am sick of not being a marathoner, and felt severely ‘left out’ during the recent Virgin London Marathon. I need to get one under my belt. The rest will be history.

Today, I hit the canal tow-path and trails with my running buddy Em’s, who accompanied me on many a Janathon run. We usually run on a Saturday morning, but we have the Potters ‘Arf a week tomorrow, and Em’s wanted to get a good ten-miler in, in preparation for the hilly bas**rd that the ‘arf is. So, as she gave me the choice of route, I opted to Barlaston Downs, or Downs Banks, as they are otherwise known.

The View Towards Shropshire

The View Towards Shropshire

As you can see from the picture above, the weather was beautiful, as was the scenery. I have blogged about Downs Banks before; I love it as it is so close to home, yet feels remote. We often muse about local slobs who are reluctant to leave their front room, let alone the part of the city in which they reside. Yet within ten minutes drive, or (a million times better) half an hours run, and you are away from the bricks and boredom of suburbia, and can be lost in lush, green, quiet countryside. The sofa surfers must be insane. They don’t know what they’re missing.



Today was a hot one – as you’d expect form June – and we had a great time zooming up and down off-road tracks and trails, passing dog walkers and nodding at mountain bikers. Finishing our circuit of the Downs, we stopped in Barlaston village and sat on a bench drinking chilled pop from the local shop. It was really rather lovely… but we were still 3 miles from home, so we pegged it back in a blistering time of about 2 hours all in. We both enjoyed the leisurely pace, and agreed it was a fabulous way to spend a summer’s afternoon.

So, I have started as I mean to go on, and I am sure Juneathon will take me along many scenic local routes. Much of the knowledge of these has been learned from my friends at Trentham Running Club, and they will feature heavily in Juneathon I am sure. So, 1 run down, 29 to go! Here are the scores on the doors, courtesy of the trusty #Runkeeper.

Juneathon 2013 Stats
Total Miles = 10.66
Total KM = 17.16
Total Calories = 1,281

Big Macs = 2.6
Pints of Strongbow = 5.3
Days Worth Calories = 0.6
Journeys to Work = 0.77


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One Response to Juneathon Day 1: Barlaston Downs

  1. What a great start to Juneathon!

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