A Strong Spring is Earned In The Winter

March 2013 has been a busy month of running, however it wasn’t planned that way.

Following the success of the Tamworth 10K last year, my friends decided to do another, and signed up for the Fradley 10K. Knowing it was a flat, fast course, I signed up with enthusiasm. The Stafford Half Marathon is a Trentham Running Club favourite, so that was a given, and at some point last year, my cousins asked if I would like to run the Wilmslow Half Marathon with them. Sure! Was the answer… It was only after the New Year, whilst filling in the new calender, that I realised these races would be on consecutive weekends. Mad March was something to aim for.

Matt & Me

The Stafford Half Marathon: Matt & Me

As a consequence of the focus these three races would give to my training, March 2013 has also been a great month in terms of personal running success, and proof that time and effort can bear real results. Janathon formed a big part of my post Christmas training efforts, but after a slow start to February, the training runs have challenged me and I have attacked them with gusto. Every hill has been dug into, no weather too cold or wet, I have been out and about with my club and doing my best to push to the front of the group. This push was often without success, but I had to try. The looming of these three races was large in my mind’s eye. I was hungry for some kind of result.

Wilmslow Half Marathon: Me, Ant, Neil & Anna

I am not really the competitive type, and run for many reasons: Overall health and fitness, weight control, stress management and friendship all feature, but competition is probably lowest on my priority list, but this spring I was gripped by the need to prove something. Not to anyone in particular, but to myself. As George McFly said in ‘Back To The Future’ “If you put your mind to it you can accomplish anything”, and sometimes running is the only thing that makes sense.

So here’s what I did:

Fradley 10k: 0:49.16 PB by 5 Minutes
Stafford Half Marathon: 1:50.53 PB by 12 Minutes (improvement of 14 minutes on 2012)
Wilmslow Half Marathon: 1:50.38 PB by 15 Seconds!

Happy Runners

Happy Runners

If March 2013 has been proof of anything, it’s that timing, perseverance, and years of trying will eventually make you look like an overnight success. Oh, and BOOM!


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