Janathon 2013: Day 31 – The End

Well, there we go… At the beginning of January, February seemed a very long way off indeed, but in reality Janathon has flown by. Tonight I ran 4.4 miles with my Beginner Runners about the streets of Stafford… I challenged them to run a tougher, longer route, and they delivered with aplomb… (Runkeeper) Well done guys!

Following Janathon, I have a sense of achievement that is quite peculiar. It’s not like the end of a race: there’s no-one around, just me, the keyboard and a celebratory glass of whiskey. Neither am I bouncing around… the legs are tired. They have become accustomed to working hard every day (to a greater or lesser extent, I averaged 5.02 miles a day). I expect them to let me know about it in a couple of days.

Gnarled up Janathon Feet

Gnarled up Janathon Feet

Cake-a-thon Drumble Cake

Cake-a-thon Drumble Cake

I am quietly satisfied, and in a reflective mood. So, what has Janathon done for my running? Well, here’s a list of my personal records…

  • Furthest ever distance in a month
  • Most activities in a month
  • Longest duration in a month
  • Most Calories burnt in a month
  • My world-rank.in status (as at 31/01/2013) is 69th of 16,202 runners!

Whilst recovery should be, and is part of any training routine, Janathon appears to exclude that. This is why it has not only been an exercise in running, but discipline, self reflection, and listening to my body. Things I am traditionally crap at.

And we all love stats!  So, here we go…

Total Miles = 155.62
Total KM = 250.45
Total Calories = 19,886

Equivalent to…
Big Macs = 40.6
Pints of Strongbow = 82.9
Days Worth Calories = 9.9
Journeys to Work = 11.20

Thank you for all your words of encouragement, your comments, and your messages of support. This is what I love about the running community: united in our aches and pains, the challenges that drive us forward, our love of the road and snow filled fields… our personal achievements, our failures, the mutual circle of endless support the running community offers without obligation. Is any other sport so supportive?

Much support during this challenge has come from people I don’t even know, acquainted as we are, via the blogosphere. However an enormous amount has been received from my fellow club runners, long suffering family, and fellow Janathoners… reading my blog’s, offering words of encouragement… washing my running kit. Whilst there was never a day I considered giving up, you guys were the reason why.



I want to give a  special shout out to Gemma and Parko… both have done a Janathon run every day after I pestered them to join in… You are insane… And I’m perfectly normal of course. BIG RESPECT!

Well, what will happen to this blog… well, it will stay alive, that’s for sure. It’s been a challenge thinking of something to say every day, but those were the rules. I will keep it updated when I have something to say. Those who know me will describe this as  ‘frequently’.

Please, keep following, and watch this space! Dan, AKA Trenthamfolk 🙂


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4 Responses to Janathon 2013: Day 31 – The End

  1. MedalSlut says:

    I just want to say well done! (And excellent feet shot!)

  2. Jenny says:

    We did it! *air high five*
    I will admit, my miles are slightly…..or even more than slightly lower than yours! But it’s tough running everyday!

    • Trenthamfolk says:

      Thanks Jenny and well done also!!! The distance is a bonus – the real challenge for me has been getting out there and actually doing something every day! I can scarcely believe I’ve managed it my self! High five back! 🙂

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