Janathon 2013: Day 29 – Closing In… Then Blackout!

Today was my club run day, with the awesome Trentham RC… now the white stuff has gone, loads of familiar faces were back, and the middle group was about 20 strong as we hit the road for the ‘Clayton Clamber’ in a clockwise direction. I think I prefer it this way around: a sharpish uphill, followed by a gradual descent and flat finish (Runkeeper) aside from the customary climb to the club, situated as it is on a hill.

Things had been going swimmingly (literally, it was raining) until we got to the 6.5 mile point: a large roundabout where the A500 and A34 trunk roads meet. This roundabout is a death trap at the best of times, but as we arrived there was a blackout… Street lights, traffic lights, buildings, all cast into darkness… it was eerily dark. Then we noticed something even more worrying… In the absence of traffic lights, drivers seemed to disregard roundabout protocol entirely…

These are two, very busy major roads, serving the busiest stretch of the busiest motorway in the UK… and no-one was slowing down… We managed to cross the roads in one piece, however it involved a lot of waiting, and a lot of waving at psychotic Audi A4 drivers approaching near death situations at 60mph. Yes, they may have the TDI and lots of torques at their disposal, but this was mental. As a consequence of this and the general pitch-blackness, our last mile or so was a 10+ minute mile, seriously denting out overall pace, which averaged 9:27 overall…

However, considering my Janathon efforts, I refuse to be disappointed and I arrived back at the club feeling remarkably spritely. I was however, starving! Lovely pasta with onion, bacon and garlic for supper was the order of the evening. Janathon has increased my appetite, and when I ease back after Thursday, I’m going to have to watch my diet to make sure I don’t blow up like a balloon! Should get 150 miles tomorrow – wish me luck, once again!

Janathon 2013 Stats
Total Miles = 147.47
Total KM = 237.33
Total Calories = 18,880

Big Macs = 38.5
Pints of Strongbow = 78.7
Days Worth Calories = 9.4
Journeys to Work = 10.61


About Trenthamfolk

Marathon Runner, Optimist, Joie de vivre…
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