Janathon 2013: Day 26 – Mud Flavoured Slush Puppy

Last night we had epic snow. I don’t mean just snow, but great big fluffy clumps of the stuff, floating down like those white scrunchy things you use in the shower… come the morning, Stoke was once again bathed in a beautiful sheen of brilliant white… but this temporary beauty wasn’t to last.

White Stuff

White Stuff

Alas, the snow simply covers the roadside winter dirt, and as the thaw has finally set in, the brilliant white has now turned into a mud flavoured slush puppy… the snow-based mush is still lofty and deep, but has turned into a lattice of ice supporting melt-water so as you run the splats of slush go everywhere, including inside your running partners shoes, as me and Em’s were to find out Janathoning it down the canal and past the Britannia Stadium (Runkeeper).

Additionally, as you plant your foot and the water ejects sideways, the ice compacts down into a nice handy foot-shaped piece of ice upon which you can skid a considerable distance! Today’s progress was slow and steady, but we had an excellent natter about everything and nothing: an hour very well spent.  As I arrived home, my shoes were soaked through and my toes icy cold, but I felt great… I was worried about a niggle in my knee, and struggling with pain in my right shoulder (a consequence of bad posture) but 5.5 miles has done these ailments a world of good.

Tomorrow, the snow will be gone, and I for one will be glad. I can get back to running on the artificial man made surfaces I know best, not this naturally occurring stuff that makes the world look so pretty. Surely that’s the wrong way around?

Janathon 2013 Stats
Total Miles = 128.52
Total KM = 206.83
Total Calories = 16,470

Big Macs = 33.6
Pints of Strongbow = 68.6
Days Worth Calories = 8.2
Journeys to Work = 9.25

According to world-rank.in, I am ranked 73rd out of 14,929 Runkeeper runners… Wow 🙂


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